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Now whenever we see Emily—he is 20 now—he jokes, ‘She’d never have gotten where she was if I hadn’t kissed her.’ It doesn’t surprise me at all where she is. K., but that doesn’t mean she has to put up with mediocre tea.I am thrilled that she is a big beautiful star.”Bundled up in a parka and knit hat, Blunt arrived at the Brooklyn café alone—having walked from the nearby home she rents with her husband, John Krasinski, and their daughters, Hazel, three, and Violet, one. After the first cup, she switches to hot water.)Blunt speaks with patrician diction and is a gifted mimic who punctuates stories with effortless impressions.’ ”Marshall first noticed Blunt—as most American moviegoers did—in the 2006 comedy “She reminded me immediately of a young Maggie Smith,” recalls Marshall.“Because of the humor, the acting chops, the vulnerability.“She has a great sense of humor—which is more important than anything—a huge talent, and was ravishingly pretty.


But she has no interest in tilting the delicate balance she has found as a movie star with character-actor range—high-profile enough to carry studio films yet low-profile enough for audiences to believe her as everything from a magical nanny to a bloated binge drinker.Blunt, who was still living with her parents in London, had no formal training. ’ ”“Poor Emily,” says Dench, chuckling when relayed the story.


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